My 2017 Reading Goals

Admittedly, I read no where near as much as I wanted to in 2016. Despite being in the midst of my Master’s in english lit, the list of books I read cover to cover last year was pretty meagre. Maybe this had something to do with my total focus on course texts, but I think if I dig a little deeper I can concede to the fact that I was also (maybe, possibly) lacking a little in the way of motivation. Any time I had off from school was definitely not time that I wanted to be spending exerting any kind of extra brain power.

Much to my dismay, books on my shelf began to collect dust and my pile of to-reads grew overwhelming large. So, this year I’ve made a promise to myself (and those poor dusty books) to make a more concerted effort. I’m challenging myself to read at least 30 books this year and here’s how I plan to do it:

  1. Read on the Road: I recently started a new job that requires a serious commute to and from downtown TO. But, I don’t seem to mind it so much when I have a good book on hand. The train is really the ideal reading spot. Just cozy up on the “Quiet Zone” level and let the words take you home.
  2. Hit Pause: Watching Netflix before bed has become something of a routine for me. This is at least an hour each night that I could be using for more bookish endeavours.
  3. Save Time and Skip it: I’ve come to realize that pushing myself to finish a book that I really can’t get into ends up wasting tons of time that could have been used to read one of the millions of other amazing books out there. If it just isn’t clicking 50 pages in, it probably isn’t going to happen and forcing yourself makes reading feel like a chore. Put the book down and move on!
  4. List it: Keeping track of what I read definitely helps me feel accomplished and motivates me to keep reading. I use an app called Reco and find that its list-making capabilities are super useful.
  5. Blog Away: Having a space to share my thoughts on all things book related makes reading feel like a communal act rather than a lonely one. I’ve started up blogs before, and  have gotten lazy to the point of completely forgetting about them. This time, I will commit to uploading content more steadily as a reminder that I have a place to spread the literary love.

Happy reading!